Wellness & Sauna

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 14-17 open

At the moment only the Finnish sauna is in operation, for the other two we are waiting for spare parts.
Therefore, the entrance fee is currently only 5,00€.

Wellness oasis
On the multiple award-winning campsite of the Heide family, in Waabs, a new wellness area was designed for the guests. This can be reached via the existing swimming pool and offers in the harmoniously designed rooms the opportunity to switch off and recharge your batteries. Here you can expect pure relaxation and a completely new well-being for body, mind and soul. Treat yourself, relieve stress, listen to yourself, let your thoughts run free and activate your defense and self-healing powers.

Skin care and health benefits. The room temperature climbs here on mild 55 degrees C° the air humidity can amount to three to sixty per cent. As in the sauna, sweating takes place in two to three sessions of eight to twelve minutes. In between, you cool off briefly outdoors or in the water.

Finnish sauna
The Finnish classic also provides deep cleansing. Here you sweat at a room temperature of sixty to one hundred degrees C° and a humidity of three percent. The pores open up, blood circulation is promoted and the immune system is stimulated. Even more momentum to the body brings the cooling in the cold air under the cold surge shower. Saunas are taken in two to three sessions of eight to twelve minutes.

Steam bath
In a tiled room you sit on heated stone benches - the body is enveloped in clouds of steam. There is a humid, mild heat the room temperature is about 45 degrees C°, the humidity is almost one hundred percent. This unusual climate cleanses the skin, moisturizes it and also relaxes the deep muscles.


Prices swimming pool and wellness

High Season A


High Season B


 Low Season C


Pre- and Post Season D


Indoor swimming pool hrs/adult (from 18 y.)5,50€4,50€4,00€3,50€
Indoor swimming pool hrs / child (up to 17 yrs)3,50€3,00€2,50€2,00€
Wellness oasis 3 h / person14,00€12,00€11,00€11,00€

Tickets can be purchased only at the Tourist Information.Since different opening times apply to the different seasons, see the notice at the swimming pool, or ask at the tourist information.